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 The better way to DNA with PlasmidFactory.

The German company is the leading contract manufacturer of plasmid and minicircle DNA. In contrast to plasmid DNA, a circular extra chromosomal DNA occurring in bacteria, minicircles are smaller and contain almost exclusively the gene of interest (GOI) and its regulating sequence motifs. Redundant bacterial backbone sequences, including antibiotic resistance genes, the origin of replication (ori) and redundant CpG motifs, are completely removed. This results in a safe and highly efficient vector system meeting future regulatory requirements for gene therapy and vaccine products. This minicircle DNA based on PlasmidFactory’s proprietary technology, worldwide patented and exclusively available from PlasmidFactory, is a supercoiled monomer. Plasmid and minicircle DNA are amplified in E. coli by fermentation. The scalable processing after fermentation is the special art of PlasmidFactory. The PlasmidFactory team purifies the DNA from bacterial biomass, leaving only the plasmid or minicircle. Bacterial chromosomal DNA is almost completely removed, avoiding possible side effects of such contaminants. Furthermore, the company omits of antibiotics in the whole fermentation process. A completely animal and enzyme free production process can also be ordered.

Plasmids and minicircles are especially used as DNA vaccines or – as a starting material in the AAV and lentivirus vector production, antibody and RNA production.

Recently, an extremely successful application for cancer immunotherapy with CAR T

cells was published in collaboration with academic partners.

What makes PlasmidFactory different?

PlasmidFactory has an outstanding plasmid and minicircle production process. Because of the team’s conscientious and ambitious work as well as continuous enhancements, they achieve reliable and reproducible results.